On this page we update some results of our Gillbryan Joseph`s Dreams children


Daily Rays Charming Star

C.I.E, C.I.B, FI, EE & LV CH, SE SHCH, EE & LV JCH, Fi JW-10, Balt JW-10, LV JW- 11., LV W-12 & Tallin W-13

Qualified in field

Hips B/B elbows 0/0

Eyes clear, Gr_Pra1 clear, GR_Pra2 clear by parentage

Owner: Riikka Aholammi, kennel Clearing Pond`s

Photo: kennel Clearing Pond`s


Daily Rays December Dream

BOB junior, BOS Junior, JCAC, CCQ x 8, BOB puppy x 2, BIS-2 puppy in GR special show

BOS x 3, CC x 3, Res.CC x 2

Hips B/B elbows 0/0

Eyes clear, Gr_Pra1 , 2 clear

Breeder&Owner: Helena & Juhani Varjamo, Kennel Daily Rays

Photo: Kennel Daily Rays


 JCH Daily Rays Dream Maker

CZ JCH, Club winner 2013, BIS baby,  2 x BOB Junior, 2 x CAJC, JCAC, BOB Junior, 2 x CAC,  CACA, R.CACA

Hips A/B ED/OD Clear

Eyes clear, Gr_PRA1+2, Prcd Pra clear

Retriever Ability Test 

Owner: Eva Hubikova, kennel flores vitae

Photo: Eva Hubikova


Daily Rays Sweet Dream

BOB puppy, BOB junior x 2.

Working certificate (Selectif A)

Certificate of social dog in Belgium

Hips: B1, ED: free

Eyes: clear, GR_PRA1+2 free

Owner: Petra Destoop, kennel Of Aress` Garden

Photo: Petra Destoop


Daily Rays Joyful Dream

CAC x 3, BOS x 2, BOB x 1

Res. CAC EuW 2013

Hips:  C (5:5) ED/OD: BL

Eyes: Clear, GR_PRA1+2 clear

Owner: Nicoletta Giudici, Kennel Snow Blink


SLO Ch, SK, SLO & HR jCH Mallorca  Host Of Angels

BOB puppy, 2 x BOS, 2 x BOB, 2 x JBOB, 7 x Junior winner, Jugendbester, Gran Prix Junior Winner 2014,

4 x CAC SK, 3 x CAC HR, 4 x CAC SK, CACA AT, 2 x Res. CAC, 3 x Res. CAC, 2 x CAJC

Retriever Ability test

Hips: A  OD/ED: free

Eyes: Clear

Owner: Michael and Ulrike Greimel, Kennel Host of Angels

Photo: kennel  Host of Angels


Mauritania Host Of Angels

3 x CAC, Cacib

Hips: B HD/ED: Clear

Eyes: Clear

Owner/Breeder/photo: Michael & Ulrike Greimel, Kennel Host Of Angels



I`m Your Love Famous Gold

BOB Baby, BIS Baby, VP 1st

Hips: B/B OD/ED: Clear

Owner + photo: Honza Krikava & Zdenka Krikavova


I`m Your Life Famous Gold

BOB Baby, VP 1st, Regional Winner, Res. Cac

Retriever ability test (OVVR)

Hunting Test 1st prize

Hips: B  OD/ED: Clear

Eyes: PRA PRCD, Gr_PRA 1 + 2 Clear

Owner+photo: Nadezda Podracka


I`m Your Golden Cheer Famous Gold

BIS Junior in CZ retriever club show,  BOB junior + BIS 2nd junior in Poland retriever club show, CAJC in Slovakia int. show.

Expectant of Junior Champion in Czech, Slovakia & Poland

3 x JCAC, 2 x res. CAC

Retriever ability test (OVVR)

Eyes: Gr_PRA 1+2 , PRCD PRA; clear

OD/ED Clear Hips B/C

Owner + photo: Olga Skarvadova, Kennel Golden Cheer


Eisapurran King Napoleon

BD 4th, CCQ

Hips BB Elbows 0/0

Eyes clear, Gr_PRA 1 clear

Owner: Heidi Luoto

Photo: Heidi Luoto



Escape to Paradise Dagchell`s

Jun Exl 1st, 2nd and 3rd., CAC x 1

Retriever Ablitiy Test

Hips: A/A  ED/OD 0/0

Gr_PRA 1+2 clear by parentage

Owner Petra Kosecova, Kennel Dagchell`s


Photo: Kennel Dagchell`s


Meiepere Mahogany

CAC, BB 4th, BOS-puppy x 2, prize of honor x 2.

Hips B/C Elbows 0/0

Eyes clear, Gr_PRA1+2 clear

Owner: Kennel Meiepere

Photo: Kennel Meiepere


Karvin Princess Michelle

Res.CAC, 6 x CCQ, BB 2nd BB 3rd BB 4th

BOB puppy x 3, BOS puppy x 1

Hips B/B, Elbows 0/0

Eyes: Clear

Owner: Veijo Tirkkonen, Kennel Coolmaster

Photo: Kennel Coolmaster


Springlove's Snow Hill

BOS, CAC, Res-CC, BD 1st , BD 3rd

Hips C/B Elbows 0/0 Eyes: clear

Owner: Pia Noponen

Photo: Kennel Springlove`s


Springlove's Snowwhite

BIG-3rd, BOB, BOS, Cacib, 2 x CAC, 2 x res.CAC, 2 x BB 2nd , 4 x BB 3rd , BB 4th

Hips C/C, Elbows: 0/0, eyes: clear

Owner: Sanna Varis & Henri Ahonen

Photo: Kennel Springlove`s


Springlove's Touch of Dream

4 x res.CAC, 9 x CCQ, BD 2nd , BD 3rd, BD 4th

Hips B/C Elbows 0/0 Eyes: clear

Owner: Anne Pajarinen & Kati Puustinen

Photo: Kennel Springlove`s


Springlove's Touch of Yesnaby

Jun CAC, BIS Youngster
Retriever ability test
Character test
Hips B2, Elbows 0/0

prcd-PRA: clear

GR_PRA1: Clear
Owner Jana Oettel, Kennel TQ
Photo: Jana Oettel, TQ retrievers

Windalas Taste Of My Tea

BOB puppy, CAC, 2 x CCQ

Hips A/A Elbows 0/0

Eyes clear

Owner: Elina Siponkoski

Photo: kennel Springlove`s


 FI Dog dance CH (Freestyle) Windalas Time to Love

Dog dance Winner class CAC x 4

Finnish Championship winner 2012 in open class dog dance

Hips: A/B Elbows: 0/1

Owner: Tiina Paavola

Photo: Tiina Paavola


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